goes online!

Hello, it’s me, Gregor! Thank you for visiting my new website!

Let me ask you: How would you celebrate your 200th birthday anniversary if you managed to live that long?

Well, any ideas? Maybe exploring this website will help you get inspired, because this is the place where MY 200th birthday anniversary will be celebrated!

Let me tell you more. Not only do I have this new website, which I will be calling “My Website” for short, but there is even a whole plant research institute named after me in Vienna! How cool is that? Absolutely surreal!

Anyway, back to our topic. This research institute, called the Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (which I will also call “My Institute” for short), took the initiative to create My Website. They wanted above all to partner with other research establishments in Europe, but also with cultural institutions, such as museums, to create a hub for special activities around my birthday anniversary! Hence, several research institutions, universities, and museums are now contributing activities, information, and events, which can all be found right here!

Read about my life and work and find out how I came to be called the “Father of Genetics”! Find exciting activities and events in Vienna, Brno or elsewhere in Europe! You will find cool things here whether you are a scientist, a science enthusiast, or just a curious person like me! The same holds true if you are looking for fun activities for your family or if you happen to be a tourist visiting Vienna or Brno! Get to know what modern researchers and other people think of me and my work… and many more!

Welcome to My Website! Welcome to!

(Oh, and I even learned how to use hashtags! Here’s mine: #Mendel200! Modern technology really amazes me… If only such things existed back in my days!)



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