Put on comfortable shoes for this 25-kilometer walk through Vienna. We’ll announce new checkpoints along the route throughout April. It’s going to be an amazing month!

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Born in 1822, Gregor Mendel was an average man who tried to become a teacher and failed at that. His life, however, is associated with the city of Vienna, which changed his life forever.

Buried in the archives of history, Gregor Mendel’s life and career is resurrected through this virtual walk through several of the sites associated with his name. His journey takes us from the present day location of the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws of heredity—Gregor Mendel Street— past an almost forgotten monument, to his teachers at the University of Vienna, and finally to the Gregor Mendel Institute, which carries on his legacy.

This walk aims to walk you through Vienna’s streets and show you how this virtually unknown monk got himself into your biology textbooks.

Introduction with your guide Johann Vollmann

Here you can find all the locations that have been opened so far: