Mendel & Genetics Quiz

What do you know about Gregor Mendel and some basic concepts of genetics? Find out and start the quiz!

What connection did Gregor Mendel have with the famous mathematician and physicist Christian Doppler?

What is a genome?

Which of the following is not a variant of Mendelian inheritance?

How many chromosomes does a healthy human have in each nucleus?

Which of the following is not a Mendelian law of inheritance?

Since when have humans applied plant breeding?

What holds the double helix of DNA together?

What are stem cells?

Why did Gregor Mendel work with peas?

How long would the DNA of a human cell be, strung together?

Who decoded the double helix structure of DNA?

Since when has the human genome been completely decoded?

The human genome contains about 23,000 genes. How many does the pea genome have?

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