New Short Film: The Life of Gregor Mendel

On the anniversary week of my 200th birthday, the Gregor Mendel Institute presents a new animated short film about the life of its namesake website, me!  Did you know that: […]

Mendel’s Heirs: Eva Wallner

Eva Wallner conducted her first plant cross-breeding experiment at an early age, after she watched a documentary about Gregor Mendel. Eva, a post-doctoral fellow at GMI, investigates how highly specialized […]

Mendel’s Heirs: Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper, an award-winning middle school science teacher, teaches Mendel to her students. Her students use the punnett square, a graphical representation of Mendelian inheritance, to visualize the possible combinations […]

Mendel’s Heirs: Alexis Arizpe

Alexis Arizpe, a researcher at GMI, dreams of wrinkled peas when asked about Gregor Mendel. Alexis’s research revolves around tree growth and their coping mechanisms with environmental cues or natural […]

Seven-meter Pea Seed Arrives at BOKU’s Campus

The world’s largest inflatable pea underscored a cross-border partnership celebrating Gregor Mendel’s 200th anniversary. Symposium participants gathering around Mendel’s pea One Large Pea The largest pea (Pisum sativum) seed in […]

Hap-Pea Mendel Day

Today is international Gregor Mendel Day. My day! I’m here to give you a brief overview about this week’s events in my honor: The Mendel Walk will take place on […] goes online!

Hello, it’s me, Gregor! Thank you for visiting my new website! Let me ask you: How would you celebrate your 200th birthday anniversary if you managed to live that long? […]